Enameled Chihuahua Necklace & Pendant

This adorable and colorful statement charm is the perfect accessory for a TRUE Chihuahua lover. Say that you love the breed loud and proud!

Chihuahua Fun Facts!

1. The Chihuahua is the Smallest Breed of Dog in the World. Saucy and a perky looks, with a personality to match! These tiny little dogs are sturdier than they look. Chihuahuas stand about 4 to 9 inches tall, and weigh an average of 4 to 7 pounds. They have a rounded head, a compact body, protruding eyes and a compact body (apple head Chihuahua). They are oblivious to their size, and do not have real good grasp of heights either.

2. The Chihuahua has one of the largest color combinations of any breed. Chihuahuas can come in virtually any color combination. The color varieties are as big as you can imagine. Their hair also comes in long, short or mid-coat. It can be wiry or silky, and can be single coat or double coat.

3. Chihuahuas were first known as the Arizona dog. They were called the Arizona dog or the Texas dog, because they were first found in those states bordering Mexico.

4.The Taco Bell Chihuahua was actually a female. The Taco Bell commercials that aired from 1994 - 2009 feature a female Chihuahua named Gidget. Gidget passed away in 2009.

  • New Arrival.
  • Perfect as a necklace pendant, key chain  bracelet charm.
  • Anti-tarnish & environmental friendly.
  • Exclusively handmade.
  • Smooth high polish finish.
  • Bold & artistic enamel decorations.
  • FREE 18” chain included!

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